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New SWIFT Mobile Provides Live Weather Radar and Customized Severe Weather Alerts on Mobile Devices with Internet Connection

The new SWIFT Mobile is the most comprehensive weather tracking software specifically designed for use with handheld and mobile devices such as PDAs, PocketPCs, and SmartPhones in the U.S. Location-based technology allows the user to customize the display of weather radar and be automatically alerted to weather before it arrives.

Minneapolis, MN -- SWIFT Weather (www.swiftweather.com) has released the new SWIFT Mobile — the most comprehensive weather tracking tool specifically designed for use with handheld devices. The new software will run on Windows Mobile devices, including: Motorola Q; Palm Treo; Samsung BlackJack; and T-Mobile Dash, MDA, and Wing.

"SWIFT Mobile will provide users of handheld devices the unique opportunity to know more than the local weatherman and know it first," said Rory Groves, CEO of SWIFT Weather. "With the ability to combine multiple layers of weather data — including radar, cloud imagery, and severe weather warnings for blizzards, hurricanes, hail, wind, or tornadoes — the average person will no longer be at the mercy of local weather service reports on radio and TV, which is invaluable." Automatic alerts display on the handheld device and allow the consumer to learn first-hand of the location of the weather threat and the estimated time of its arrival to their current location. "This will be an indispensable tool for business professionals who travel frequently, construction workers, emergency response teams — anyone whose outdoor activities are affected by the weather."

In addition, the new SWIFT Mobile delivers daily forecasts based on location; weather data can be animated to show activity over the previous hour; and a home-screen display of current weather conditions provide an at-a-glance weather profile.

SWIFT Mobile is retails for $7.95 per month for the Standard Edition and $9.95 per month for the Premium Edition. For more information and free two week evaluation, visit www.swiftmobile.net.

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