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= Premium Version Feature

Display Weather Radar and other Weather Data

  • Weather Radar color coded to show areas of rain, freezing rain, and snow
  • Satellite
  • Current Conditions display temperature and weather conditions
  • Thunderstorm Watches and Warnings 
  • Storm Reports from local law enforcement and trained storm spotters
  • Surface Fronts
  • Wind Vectors

Custom Locations

Personalize the display by adding 'Home', 'Work', and other locations on your map.

Keep track of friends and family and alert them when the storms are coming -- and how long until they pass.

Fully Interactive Map Display

Zoom, scroll, drag. Position the map exactly how you want it:

  • Double-tap anywhere on-screen to zoom to that location
  • Tap-and-drag or use the keypad to glide to any part of the map

Geographic Layers

  • Cities
  • County Outlines
  • Streets highways and interstates
  • Topographical Background

Thumbnail View

Inset window provides birdseye-view of the entire map.
  • Selection box shows what part of the map is on-screen
  • Draw a box on the window to zoom to that region of the map
  • Tap once on a location to pan to that location 

Today Screen plug-in  

Provides at-a-glance weather profile and customized weather alerts based on your location.

Select from the following icons:
  • Current conditions including chance of rain
  • Temperature along with forecasted high/lows
  • Winds direction and speed 
  • Radar centered on your position

Instant notification of location-based alerts:
  • Approaching rain or hail
  • Weather warnings
  • Hazardous forecasts
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Extreme winds

Additional Features...

  • GPS-tracking supported for displaying your mobile position on-screen
  • Submit Storm Reports through the National Weather Service eSpotter program